Diesel Particulate Cleaning and Repair

Archbold Radiator now offers Diesel Particulate Filter cleaning service. Cleaning your DPF is vital to extending the life of your filter as well as maintaining engine power and improved fuel efficiency. Let Archbold Radiator service your DPF as a part of your regular vehicle maintenance. The majority of DPF's are cleaned in a 24 to 48 hour turnaround time.
DPF - DPF Cleaning in Archbold, OH

When Should I Clean My DPF?

Cleaning your DPF should be done when suggested by the manufacturer. Neglect of cleaning your filter will lead to “regeneration” too frequently, causing you to lose miles per gallon or power. Filter regeneration is the process by which the filter removes diesel particulate matter from the exhaust gas and burns off the matter. This process occurs at highway speeds above 40mph. Your filter will become saturated during normal use causing it to regenerate too often. Vehicles that operate at speeds less than 40 mph tend to not regenerate properly. This will cause the filter to become saturated at a faster rate.

Benefits of Cleaning Your DPF Regularly

Improve Fuel Economy

A clean DPF helps your engine perform at peak power and efficiency. Cleaning a DPF immediately improves performance, fuel economy, miles travelled between regeneration, and an improved idle.

Downtime Reduced

Over time, ash builds up in the filter causing air flow restriction. This restriction generates exhaust back pressure. This pressure reduces engine efficiency requiring more fuel, more turbo boost and more power to perform the same work from the diesel powered equipment. A clean DPF will also reduce the time required for regeneration, as well as the wasted fuel costs during this idle period.

DPF Cleaning Process

  • Filters are initially evaluated, the serial number and vehicle mileage is recorded and the initial flow rate is meter tested
  • Filter is mounted into vacuum/blast cabinet. Filter cells are individually cleaned to remove ash
  • Filter cells are inspected with a camera to ensure complete cleaning
  • Filter is baked at up to 1,100 degrees Fahrenheit, to convert soot to ash
  • Original flow rate is restored and the DPF is meter tested after cleaning
  • Filter ash is disposed of
DPF Cleaning — Before and After of DPF Cleaning Process in Archbold, OH

Additional DPF Services

  • DPF bung repair
  • We stock a wide variety of DPF gaskets
  • We stock a wide variety of DPF clamps
  • New DPF sales
  • Removal and Installation of your DPF